Cole Champion Is Not Super

Hi, I’m Cole Champion, and oh-so-very lucky (as my mom’s constantly reminding me) to attend the prestigious Honour, Endurance, Resolve, Optimism Junior High. My mom’s the principal of HERO Junior High, which is why I’m stuck going there and sticking out like a sore thumb. How am I supposed to keep up when my classmates can lift cars, become invisible, or break the sound barrier?At least I can excel in science class, where my love of STEM that’s Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math comes in handy. But science class takes a turn for the worse when the antics of my super-strong classmate put the school in danger. And it seems none of the other students’ powers can help. That’s where I come in!

ISBN Number
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5" x 7"
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Flux (Jolly Fish Press)
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3 - 4