Cole Champion Takes On the Villains

Hi, I’m Cole Champion, and I’m finally finding my place at HERO Junior High. But now the villains have arrived. Every two years, my school’s heroes-in-training test their powers against the villains-in-training from WICKED Junior High. It’s bad enough that I have to keep my lack of powers a secret. But some of the villains-in-training are acting suspicious, and it doesn’t seem like they’re here to play fair.To figure out what’s going on, I’ll need the help of my new friends. But as amazing as super-strong Boulder and plant-powered Thorn are, their powers are still limited. At least they’re used to working as a team . . . right?

ISBN Number
Trim Size
5" x 7"
Binding Type
Number of Pages
Flux (Jolly Fish Press)
Copyright Date
Reading Level
3 - 4